In 1901 the first drops of drinking water flowed through the pipes of Maribor. In the same year, the first well and reservoir were built.  At that time, the amount of water extracted supplied around 38,000 inhabitants.
After the Second World War, due to intensive housing and population growth, the need for drinking water increased, At the time, the main objective was to renovate and maintain any damaged and obsolete systems.
Before the 1970s, there was no money to enable further investments, but from the  1980s  onwards the company was able to intensely invest into the development of the water supply networks.
In 2002, after years of gradual decline, while medical surveillance intensified and there were large-scale changes in the distribution network,the conditions for waiving the disinfection of the majority of Maribor's drinking water were created.
The year 2011 was held in celebration of the venerable 110 anniversary of the company.


We have the largest water distribution network in the country, our distribution network consists of nover 1.400 kilometers of water supply system and 221 facilities. Eight water sources and some smaller reservoirs provide the water supply. Annually, we pump 14,7 million cubic meters of drinking water which supplies seventeen municipalities in northeastern Slovenia and more than 200 thousand users or more than eleven percent of the Slovenian population.

The design of our water supply system provides a regional connection to the adjacent plumbing networks, namely Ptuj and Slovenska Bistrica.